Welcome to the Workings of My
Failing Hodgepodge Mind

What on earth are you doing here?

This is where I ramble, recollect, opine, archive all the old beginnings, try to get things organized, make some sense of me and all my un-me. The thought of un-me reading me is somewhat disconcerting.

Are you looking for the public me?

George Gray: Actor, Director, Playwright, Jack-of-All-Theatrical Trades?
You’re in the wrong place.

Click For Hire to peruse my vitae or to read my plays.
Or join my crackpot crusade to save the world by reading plays aloud with friends.

Those are the things I do.
This place is for people who might wonder who I am.

Who am I?

After “Thespian for Hire,” in order as they come to mind, I’m
Husband, Father, Oldest Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Nephew (still but barely), In-Law, Son (no more), but not and likely never to be Grandpa.

Rare Friend, once Frequent Colleague, Former Lover, Rival, Ex-Employee;
never Enemy (although I’m on a lot of lists).

Thinker (as opposed to do-er). Reader, Talker, Listener, Lifetime Learner, Teacher, Seeker of Truth, Preacher of
My One True Faith in the Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Left-Wing Radical Secular Humanist Know-It-All Curmudgeon. Smoker, Stoner, Self-Abuser, Couch Potato, Laptop Gamester, Walker of the Dog.

Loser of Myself in Words.

Who are you?

Whose eyes consume my sentences and paragraphs, transfer them through binocular lenses and optic nerves to whose inquiring mind, hiding deep behind whose face, whose name?  I wonder.

Who takes the time these days to readto read at all, but this, the story of a stranger’s life and timesand not just anyone’s, but mine?  Of all the ways to waste ones time, why me?

Maybe kith and kinkith being everyone not kin whom I have known for any time remembered—you might find yourself here, as we crossed paths, shared the road, parted ways.  Do I have your story right?  Are you who I think you are?

Am I who I say I am?

But if we’re total strangers, what’s your game?

I’d really like to know,
So please reply below.




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