From time to time I’ll makes some notes to myself that shed some light on how these memories appear, how I present them.

In particular, the memoirs are a work in progress.

For instance, some are in present tense, while others preseume the past; some are paragraphs in prose, others centered on the page as poetry. I haven’t settled on a style—and likely won’t, given the number of stories yet untold and my time running out. Besides, it’s fun to play with words.

A bigger problem is the proliferation of categories. I should learn to use tags.

Too many stories so far are no more than notes; others take off for a while and sputter out or re-phrase, take tangents, ramble. My apologies to readers.

So far I’ve been concentrating on Childhood. Starting today, I think I’ll skip around.

As other Process thoughts occur, I’ll post them in Category

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