Seven Decades

The Life and Times of George A Gray, the Last

For Hallie and Peter

“who I love very much”
who keep prompting me to use my mind…

About the Title

A month before he died, my old man—over and over (as was his wont)—relived his life by decades: born on the eve of the Roaring Twenties (two weeks after the Amistice), almost through the Awful ‘Aughts, inspiring me to write “Daddy’s Nine” for his 90th birthday bash, printed on the Order of Service for his funereal, leading me to muse and mull my life and times in similar ten-year blocks.

I’m seventy-two (Oct 9, 2015).


This memoir is an on-going project far away from finished—only just begun, in fact; I’m publishing as I write. Many pages remain blank; others are in various stages of development, from cryptic notes and self-reminders to the verge of satisfaction (always subject to amendment); still others, for personal reasons, hide from public view, reserved for anyone who asks (and I permit) to read. (Maybe by the time I’m done…)

Navigation Tips:

  • Hover over the SEVEN DECADES link in the left sidebar to display the Timeline. (Hover over Timeline links for related posts.)
  • Click a Timeline heading for an abstract litany of events and circumstances I recall from a given Decade.
  • Click to Continue at the bottom of each Timeline page links to the next decade’s litany. Use it to skip the details and browse my abstract life.
  • Orange Headers on Timeline pages (and below) link to blog posts that elaborate on these topics. Access is restricted (see below).
    NOTE: Orange headers and Internal links open new browser tabs (or windows). Simply close them to back up.
  • Headers on blog posts link to tributary posts that extend these topics further.
  • Under META in the right sidebar of every post are links to others in related Categories.


Anyone can read my Timeline pages for an overview of me; related posts are published as they find a shape. Only those who ask (and I allow) can read the work in progress.

For the Record

Through the years, from time to time
I write things as they happen.
I’m astounded by the difference between
what I write and what I remember.

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At the bottom of every page is a section inviting you to “Leave a Reply.” I hope that as you read about whatever time and space we shared, you’ll add your memories, affirming mine where we concur, correcting my inaccuracies, filling in the gaps, catching up on the days gone by…



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